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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 6, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news this america this morning -- polar blast. millions of people in the fwrip of brutally cold temperatures that are shattering records. we're tracking the dangerous conditions. deadly crash. a plane burst into flames after going down at an airport. how weather likely played a role. and the celebrities who witnessed it all. mystery solved. why one family's prayers are answered after this impaj of a homeless man made its way to a newspaper. 16 feet long and 10 feet high. creative kids use a lot of snow to create an epic snow sculpture. good morning, i'm muhammadly
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la in for john muller. >> and i'm marcy gonzales in for diana perez. we begin with the brutal cold. the polar vortex pushing superfrigid air from the north pole as far south as louisiana. >> highs today across a wide swath of the midwest will be well below zero. in chicago, overnight temperatures at minus 20 degrees. st. louis, heavy snow is falling with forecasters calling for up to a foot of snow. some people ditching shoes for cross-country skis. like this man in university city. we have more from mary bruce in washington. >> reporter: there's cold and then there's this. bitter, bone-chilling, freezing air sweeping across half of the continental u.s. an arctic blast sending
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temperatures to lows not felt in decades. >> it was low. >> reporter: wind chill warnings. 12 below in pittsburgh. it's so cold in chicago, residents bracing for the big chill now calling their city chi-beria. in minneapolis, so cold, frostbite can occur in just five minutes. midwest cities including chicago and all of opinion many canceling classes. the blinding snow, ice, and freezing rain have made roads treacherous. airport runways are a slick hazard. at chicago o hare, there were planes sliding. inside the airport, stranded passengers are frustrated. airlines warning it could take days to get people to their final destinations. >> i just want to go home. i just want to get back settled
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in. we've been couped up for two days. >> reporter: but the brutal cold is not stopping everyone. green bay packers fans turned blue sunday, braving five-degree weather for a sold out game against the san francisco 49ers. >> i have four layers of long johns. two sets of snow pants. four shirts, a sweatshirt, and a coat. >> reporter: mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> abc's mary bruce in washington, thank you so much. forecasters are keeping an eye on the cold. >> accuweather's mar shall martinez continues our coverage. >> it will be bone-chilling and blustery in the north central region and the upper midwest. temperatures up to negative 26 in minneapolis. around sioux falls, negative 34. this cold weather is shifting over to the northeast, the
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southeast, and south central. there's a storm system that will usher the cold in. before it does, we'll have rain, freezing rain on some roadways along i-95 toward i-81. and some heavy lake-effect snow in the wake of the system in the lee of the lakes. the southeast will get some of the coldest weather they have had in years. now back to you, marci and muhammad. elsewhere, rain showers up and down the southeast coast all the way into florida could cause problems with black ice. >> rain showers for the pacific northwest. across the southwest, sunny and mild. 77 for the high in l.a. it appears weather may have been a factor in a deadly plane crash at the aspen airport. the pilot was forced the abort the first landing because of gusty winds. on the second try, the private
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jet crash-landed and burst into flames. >> it came that way to this way, it was moving, doing this, it hit and flipped and there was smoke and a big ball of flames. >> and some of the witnesses includes celebrities, kooechb nealon and leann rimes took to social media to share photos and comments. the pilot was killed and his two passengers were critically hurt. all of the victims were mexican citizens. meanwhile, new developments overnight in the case of the california teenager at the center of the emotionally-charged story. her mother fought in court to keep her daughter connected to life support. the girl is expected to be taken to a long-term care facilitfaci. major political story break overnight. liz cheney is dropping out of the u.s. senate race in wyoming.
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cheney, whose father is the former vice president could make the announcement as soon as today. the campaign has faced major obstacles, including a well publicized fight with her sister over gay marriage. the latest polls show her 30 points behind. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is concerned about the fighting in iraq. he made it clear that american troops will not be sent in to help. kerry continues his mideast tour this morning. he indicated yesterday that iran might be allowed to participate in talks on syria set for later this month. pope francis will also be heading to the middle east. he announced plans to travel to israel, the west bank, and jordan in may. he said the trip will commemorate the meeting in jerusalem between pope paul vi and the spiritual leader of the
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orthodox christians at the time. here at home, it's back to work for president obama and back to school for the first daughters. president will receive his daily briefing with vice president biden and later meet with advisers. the first lady is extends her vacation. sticking around hawaii for a few extra days with friends to celebrate her birthday. dennis rodman and a group of former nba stars are in north korea ahead of their exhibition basketball game there. rodman said the trip was meant to show that quote not every country in the world is that bad, especially north korea. rodman's team will play a north korean team on wednesday. the game is in celebration of kim jong-un's birthday. well, turning the page into the future. wait until you see what this country's newest library doesn't have. and deadly fire. smoke, and flames high above the streets of manhattan.
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the dramatic video and live tweeting from a person trapped inside. and the playoff picture. a wild sunday full of freezing football fans and a game that went right down in the wire. we'll have all of your highlights coming up from espn.
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welcome back. overnight, we learned that j.p. morgan chase has reached a $2 billion settlement in the bernie madoff case. the bank ignored warning signs that madoff was running a ponzi scheme. a portion of the $2 billion will
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be set aside for madoff's victims. meanwhile, a historic vote set to take place in the senate today. janet yell len en is expected t become the first woman to chair the federal reserve. if confirmed, he woushe would s ben bernanke. at&t paying up to lure customers. at&t is offering t-mobile users up to $450 in credit to switch providers. analysts call it a preemptive strike. they say t-mobile is planning a similar announcement this week. and launching a preemptive strike on airplane boarding chaos. a new study shows that airlines could cut board lg time by boarding passengers based on the number of carry ons, rather than where they're seated.
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large carriers like delta could save up to $10 million a year in time savings. frozen appears to be the theme outside and inside movie theaters this weekend. disney's animation retook the box office top spot this week end. paranormal activity -- "the marked ones" debuted in second place. with the how about, the desolation of smaug coming in third. and a first in san antonio, texas. the new face of the public library. >> the nation's first bookless library looks less like a library and more like an apple store, featuring rows of glossy imacs, instead of stacks of books. the library yans had matching shirts and hood dis. >> one 19-year-old complained that staring at a tablet and a computer screen hurts her eyes. when we come back, widespread worries. cases of the flu on the rise.
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♪ splenda® lets you experience the joy of sugar without all the calories. it's a very good reason to enjoy something sweet with the ones you love. think sugar, say splenda™ you're looking at video from jefferson city, missouri. where the state's department of transportation has issued a no travel advisory for the duration of the latest snowstorm. they're asking everyone to stay off the roads unless it's a real emergency. parts of missouri expected to get a foot of new snow. now for a look at morning road conditions. icy conditions and snow make the roads dangerous across the northeast and midwest. slick across the southeast coastline because of rain. look out for black ice with the falling temperatures 37.
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and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in new york, boston, philly, d.c., charlotte, at lalanta and chica. investigators are trying to find the cause of a deadly fire that ripped through the new york high-rise. >> the flames could be seen blocks away. one man was killed and another critically injured as frantic tenants scrambled to get out. people had to be rescued. >> is smoke is so intense and silent. and we put right away wet towels inside our door. that was really the moment where i was seriously scared to death. >> the man who died has been identified as daniel mcclung, a 27-year-old newly wed. firefighters say he might have survived if he waited inside his armt. the search continues for the
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killer behind a terrifying road rage incident if pennsylvania. timothy davidson was shot near the maryland border. he made several desperate 911 kals saying he was being fold by a pickup and someone was shooting at him. the other drive ran his suv into the median, got out of his truck, and shot him. >> he was on 911 for the majority of this incident. so we are reviewing the tapes right now. rooer hoping to get more information that might help us find out what happened. >> and davidson was on his way home to maine after visiting relatives in florida over the holidays. the nation's frigid temperatures come as flu season kicks into high gear. the centers for disease control say there are outbreaks in all parts of the united states. at least six children's death are being blamed on the flu along with dozens of adult deaths. texas, south carolina, and utah
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are the states most affected. a missing man from upstate new york has been reunited with his family thanks to an amazing coincidence. nick simmons disappeared last week. his friends and family immediately launched a search for the 20-year-old. >> then they happened to see this photo in a local paper. it was a picture of nick taken in washington, d.c. they managed to track down the photographer and eventually nick was found. wonderful reunion. now to sports. and at this time of the year, sports really means one thing. football. >> the nfl is down to eight teams with super bowl dreams. highlights now from sunday's wild card games from espn. good morning, america. i'm john buccigross. aaron rodgers faced off against colin kaepernick. temperature at game time was a balmy five degrees. no sleeves for kaepernick. his team down, 17-13, makes a
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beautiful pass to vernon davis for a touchdown. it gives the niners a 20-17 lead. now it's 20-20. trying to drive for the game-winning field goal. the big play of the game on third down, scrambles for a first down. they get closer and closer for phil dawson. 33-yarder, just sneaks inside the right upright and the niners move on to play the carolina panthers next sunday. earlier in the day on sunday in cincinnati, philip rivers and the chargers in town. a beautiful pass to green. rivers, 12 of 16, 128. andy dalton, melvin ingram. perfect reading of the route. bengals had four turnovers, the chargers zero. the chargers move on and face the broncos next. college football's national championship game is tonight. number one florida state. number two auburn in pasadena.
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you can see the game, of course, on espn. coverage begins at 8:00 eastern. part of the megacast that includes coverage on every espn network. >> that's a lot of football. we mentioned eight teams still left. here's what they're getting ready for this coming saturday. the saints face off against the seattle seahawks. the indianapolis colds visit new england to take on the patriots. >> then on surngsd as espn mentioned, it's the 49ers against the panthers in north carolina. and the chargers travel to denver. up next, "the pulse" where everyone has the blues. today is considered the most depressing day. and the tip of a lifetime. just wait until you hear what a waitress received from a very generous customer. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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♪ welcome back. time now to check "the pulse," the stories you'll be talking about today. we start with a warning. be wear are of the blues. >> today is the most depressing day of the year. analyzing the first monday back to work drives home the grim realities after the holidays. >> most of the worries predictable. worrying about the sleep, the weather, and will power. folks already cheating on their new year's resolutions. >> are you keeping up with yours? >> i didn't make any. next up, "the bachelor" it starts for real tonight right here on abc. this season, the star is juan pablgalliviste.
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his turn as the bachelor has our network calling this month juan-uary. clever, right? >> he's a 32-year-old single dad w who was born in the u.s. and grew up in venezuela. his family told him to wait 15 minutes and brush his teeth between make yoout sessions. three brothers have put the weather to creative use. check out the snow sculpture. the snow shark stands about ten feet tall. >> it took nearly 100 hours to put together. the fins and tail took about ten hours in total. most people shoveling snow. those guys doing that. it's shaping up to be happy new year for a waitress if lincoln, neb member. she got the tip of a lifetime.
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checking our top stories. liz cheney could announce as soon as today that she's dropping out of the wyoming senate race. cheney, the former vice president's daughter was well behind if the polls. a body of a california girl whose family fought to keep her on life support has been released from the hospital. it's believed that jahi mcmath is being taken to a long-term care facilitfacili.. a polar vortex is pushing superfrigid air from the north pole as far south as louisiana. and pushing the mercury well below zero. rain along the southeast coastline and into florida, raising the risk for black ice with falling temperatures. okay, and finally, there is no such thing as cold comfort this morning for green bay packers fans. particularly the 80,000 or so of
4:28 am
them who braved frigid temperatures to watch their team yesterday. >> they did whatever they could to stay warm. but as we have mentioned, the team's season is now headed for the deep freeze. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: if anyone knows how to dress for one of the coldest nfl game on record, it's packers fans. yesterday's freezing conditions put them to the test. >> i have four layers of long johns. two sets of snow pants. four shirts, a sweatshirt, and a coat. >> look at this. this is insane. we're part of history. >> reporter: as the packers got set to go, it was just 5 degrees. and the wind made it feel like minus 10. >> 319,19. >> you look around, so many people are having fun. it can't be seen anywhere else, i don't think. >> reporter: officials at the officially frozen tundra took the extraordinary step of warning fans not to drink too much alcohol before or during the game.
4:29 am
because of the a dangerously cold conditions. plenty of players went sleeveless, including 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. the niners and sppackers traded the lead several times. a field goal at the end giving the 49ers a memorable win. take a look at this. a waitress in nebraska gets the tip of a lifetime. >> after receiving a $50 tip, abigail was stunned when a customer handed her two checks for a total of $6,000 so she could go back to school. abigail had dropped out of college after one semester because she couldn't afford it. thanks to this customer, she's paging her bags and heading back. >> what a great story. that is what's making news in america this morning. >> have a wonderful day, everyone.
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning washington," on your side. more bitter cold is ripping more than half of the country this morning, sending we haveures as low as seen them in several years. an arctic blast is heading our way. millions of americans are hoping for progress on capitol hill today. robert gets back to work. -- congress gets back to work. story today and tomorrow is going to be the weather. we want to get to jacqui jeras. she is in the weather center. right now, it feels fine. temperatures actually went up to the overn


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